God's Own Country - Jul 25, 2011

Kerala’s backwaters have always attracted tourists. In the recent past though, the whole backwater experience has ascended to the next level. One can now rent huge houseboats fully equipped with all the amenities considered essential for modern living. The boat even comes with its own staff that includes a personal chef. These things are even fitted with air conditioners and satellite TV!

If your idea of a perfect vacation is to just relax some place quite with a book, or indulge in massage therapy or other forms of metaphysical, spiritual “preventive maintenance”, or if you simply like to laze around and do nothing between meals, this just might be the vacation for you. And you can prolong the pleasure for as long as your wallet lets you … it only costs upwards of $200 per day!

Of course, I personally wonder what I will look forward to on Day 2 of such an experience. That is besides the catch of the day, which I suspect will be very good, given Kerala’s reputation for delicious fish and prawn preparations.

I was on the same waters fairly recently, albeit on a much smaller boat. I took a two hour ride from Kumarakom on a small motorboat fitted with a couple of couches and lounge chairs. This, I won’t necessarily recommend. The only thing I got out of it was this photograph and a few others like it.

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